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Men have been missing real mentors for a
while now.

And in their absence, there is more “talking about men” than “talking by men.”

Or at least, that’s what you’d think if you listened to those conversations.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“He’s a typical man – he never asks for help.”
“God forbid HE should ever ask directions.”
“He can’t admit when he’s wrong.”
“He never tells me how he feels about anything.”

Say what now…?!

They’re all overgeneralized nonsense.

For reasons we won’t get into right now, this is the accepted way of discussing men. The man is a sexually aggressive, mostly dim-witted provider who lumbers through life stealing or appropriating the power of everyone he encounters through a brute application of his gender privilege.

It’s worth noting that most of these discussions do not originate with men. It becomes mildly disturbing when a guy endorses these labels, especially a guy who is ostensibly old enough to know better.

Men are often accused of not being in touch
with their feelings…

…particularly in the car on the way to see their wife’s therapist. Any man who’s been in that position knows a trap when he sees it.

Are they right? Do you never tell her how you feel about anything?

I don’t ask these questions to start arguments or to finish grand theories. This isn’t an “anti-feminist” approach or even a “maninist” approach (whatever the hell that is).

Because counselors aren’t trained to handle them, men are often the outliers. It’s not enough to say what a man is or is not.

Men change over time.

And in predictable ways. A man develops as experiences are accumulated, as triumphs and failures come and go.

Too many counselors simply are not trained to reach a well-made man. Or even a poorly made one.

You know it fastest when you go to see a counselor you didn’t choose. Or if you just looked up a name in an insurance directory and hoped you picked a good one.

And if the first time you see a counselor is when your wife takes you in for marriage counseling, you don’t trust counselors for long.

Why should you?

You need someone who understands more
than what you say.

Because it’s often what you won’t say that matters most.

This is especially important if you’re facing a divorce. If your kids aren’t listening. Or if you’re tired of being who you are in your marriage.

We can find out what’s going on. We can address it. You can relax.

Hi, I’m Michael

Michael Wurth, MA, NCC, LCDC, LPC

I work with men.

I work with men who aren’t sure what to do next or how to figure out what their actual thoughts are on a subject.

Because when they say, “men don’t talk about their feelings,” they’re right.

They’re just usually wrong about why. We help answer that. Our work gives you permission to act with the power you have always had.

It’s easy to forget what that power is. It’s easy to misunderstand.

More About Me

Are you certain you even need help?

Have you felt that help can’t reach you? Would you know what to say if you got it?

Men are trained to shut down. We are taught to say little and to show even less.

And somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the knowledge that makes us men to begin with: the knowledge that we are strong, we are effective, and we are needed.

You can change this. Starting today.

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